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Hi I'm Nicola,

To let you know a bit about me…I’m a cook, author, ghost-writer, editor and recipe developer – and mum. I have over twenty-five cookery books to my name, covering a wealth of subjects that reflect my passion for healthy, fuss-free, nutrient-rich food. I’ve written books on flexitarianism, vegetarian food, pregnancy, weaning, children’s food, special diets, detox and weight loss – and I feel honoured to have won many awards for them over the years.

At the heart of my cooking is a desire to make and enjoy great tasting, nutritious, predominantly plant-based meals for, and with, my family and friends. I’m not into fads or restrictive diets – these come and go – preferring to endorse a positive and attainable attitude towards food, cooking and eating.

I like to get the best out of fresh ingredients by exploring different ways of preparing and cooking them, experimenting with how foods work together in terms of flavour and texture, as well as visually on the plate. The greatest challenge is to transform a collection of everyday ingredients into something delicious and special with the minimum of effort and time. My recipes are relaxed and easy-to-follow with simple yet detailed instructions.

My story...

I came to food writing in a back to front sort of way, starting as an editor on food-related magazines to working in book publishing as a cookery and health editor, and then being given the wonderful opportunity to write my own cookbook many years ago.

I now spend my time writing, testing recipes for myself and others, editing and ghostwriting books.


  • Author
  • Recipe Development and Tester
  • Editor
  • Project Management
  • Copy Editor and Proofreader
  • Book Presentations
  • Ghostwriter
  • Prop Stylist
  • Photography
  • Food & Cookery Consultant

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