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The Right Carb

The Right Carb

If you avoid carbs, think again… research shows that eating the right type in the right amount may contribute to the long-term health of our body and mind. They provide energy, help improve the health of the gut, our digestion and mood, and can even aid sleep – but you have to be eating the right carbs.


This book celebrates right carbs, not only highlighting their numerous health attributes, but also their diversity and the enjoyment they give to our cooking and eating. With over 50 delicious and vibrant recipes for every meal of the day and easy-to-understand nutritional advice, the book provides the complete package to sensible good-carb eating for the long term and not a quick-fix diet.


The Right Carb is a practical and inspirational approach to maintaining a healthy way of eating – it’s time to revive our enjoyment of this valuable food group.


The book is organised by season and celebrates the wealth of fresh produce each season brings. Although, we have become used to buying most types of fruit and veg all year round, sharing an allotment has brought me a lot closer to seasonal variations. Likewise, our eating habits and preferences change depending on the time of year – we naturally veer towards warming, hearty meals in the colder months and lighter, fresher dishes when the weather heats up and the recipes reflect this.


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Ethiopian red lentil & tomato curry
Cottage cheese pancakes with fresh strawberry jam


Publisher: Pavilion, 2021
Photography: Haarala Hamilton

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    Nourish, 2020

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    Haarala Hamilton

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