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The Right Fat

The Right Fat

We’ve switched to low-fat foods, but are we any healthier? Research suggests not… now’s the time to make a stand for fat – but you must be eating the right type for long-term good health.


Fat is an important source of energy and vital for cell growth, hormone regulation, cognitive development and supports good heart, gut, and skin health.


This book celebrates right fats, not only highlighting their numerous health attributes, but also their diversity and the enjoyment they give to our cooking and eating. With over 50 delicious and vibrant recipes for every meal of the day and easy-to-understand nutritional advice, the book provides the complete package to sensible good-fat eating for the long term and not a quick-fix diet.


The Right Fat is a practical and inspirational approach to maintaining a healthy way of eating – it’s time to revive our enjoyment of this valuable food group.


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Puy lentil, orange & sunflower seed salad with walnut oil dressing


Publisher: Pavilion, 2021
Photography: Haarala Hamilton

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    Nourish, 2020

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    Haarala Hamilton

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