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The Part-Time Vegetarian’s Year

Four Seasons of Flexitarian Recipes

The Part-time Vegetarian’s Year is your essential flexitarian cookbook for eating with the seasons, with a feast of over 100 recipes that make the most of fresh produce when it is at its peak of flavour and availability – and most economical to buy. The fresh and flavour-packed vegetarian recipes are ordered by season and come with a flexitarian option showing how to include meat or seafood in sustainable amounts, or how to make the dish fully vegan if you want.


This is a follow up to my book The Part-time Vegetarian. Times have certainly changed since the publication of the first book 5 years ago. For one, the term ‘flexitarian’ has become mainstream – it’s now even included in the Oxford English Dictionary.


In the new book, vegetables take centre stage in every recipe. This means the meat (or fish) alternatives feature in economical-, environmental- and health-conscious small amounts. So meat and fish are perhaps an accompaniment or side dish (rather than a main course); or maybe a topping for a soup or salad; or perhaps an addition to a vegetarian dish, such as a stew or one-pan roast; or are presented as a nifty, economical way to use up leftovers, such as a Sunday roast.


The book is organised by season and celebrates the wealth of fresh produce each season brings. Although, we have become used to buying most types of fruit and veg all year round, sharing an allotment has brought me a lot closer to seasonal variations. Likewise, our eating habits and preferences change depending on the time of year – we naturally veer towards warming, hearty meals in the colder months and lighter, fresher dishes when the weather heats up and the recipes reflect this.


In spring, feast on a Rejuvenating Coconut and Spinach Broth or Spring Vegetable Fritto Misto. Summer brings a refreshing Watermelon, Pitta and Goat’s Cheese Salad and Avocado, Pea and Mint Pasta; autumn a comforting Baked Cauliflower Cheese Risotto or Smoky Aubergine Chilli. The year closes with warming Winter Green Noodles and Celeriac, Ginger and Sesame Bhajis. From barbecues and picnics to festive feasts, each chapter also features a complete menu for easy entertaining. This creative collection of nutritious dishes harnesses the tastes and types of dishes we like to eat in each wonderful season, year-round.


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Tomato Tarts with Preserved Lemon Relish
Char-grilled Courgettes on Garlic Toast with Parsley Relish
Salt-cured Carrot Lox on Rye
Shiitake, miso & smoked tofu ramen
Spring vegetable fritto misto with saffron mayo



Publisher: Nourish, 2020
Photography: Haarala Hamilton

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    Nourish, 2020

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    Haarala Hamilton

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